Anal sacs in a flash

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  1. Secretion: anal sacs (also called anal glands) are two small sacs just inside your pet’s anus. The material secreted into these sacs is thick and foul-smelling. Most animals can empty these sacs voluntarily for scent marking or in self-defense.
  2. Impaction: domestic animals have largely lost their ability to empty these sacs voluntarily. Walking around and normal defecation serves to empty the glands but some animals become unable to empty their glands at all on their own. The sacs become impacted and uncomfortable.
  3. Scooting: dogs with impacted anal sacs usually scoot their rear on the ground or attempt to empty the sacs. Some dogs will lick their anal area and other dogs will chase their tails.
  4. Abscess: an abscess can form and rupture out through the skin when an impacted sac does not empty. This is a painful, messy and smelly condition often mistaken for rectal bleeding. If an anal sac abscess forms, it must be properly treated by your veterinarian.
  5. Treatment: antibiotics and pain-killer/anti-inflammatory, Elizabethan collar to prevent licking, hydrotherapy to speed out healing, and a recheck at the end are all part of the treatment of anal sac infection.
  6. Prevention: If your pet starts scooting, it is time to bring him to your veterinarian where a veterinarian or animal health technician will empty the sacs.

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by C. Senay mv October  2015

The following page shows pictures of anal sac impaction, infection and rupture.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Pictures: C. Senay dvm