Successful second canine blood donation clinic!

The Vaudreuil Veterinary clinic hosted its second canine blood donation clinic April 23rd 2016. Foor dogs graciously donated their blood during this event: Carey and Angus two Great Danes, Toby a Great Dane cross and Pebbles a St-Bernard.

The blood is chilled and shipped to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB) located at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Within 48 to 72 hours, blood collected at the Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic can then be used by any veterinary facilities all across Canada. One bag of blood can save up to 4 dogs!

Each participant received:

  • 1 credit of a blood product per year for the life of the pet
  • A free microchip
  • The collected blood is tested in Winnipeg for various type of disease such as the heartworm test
  • A CABB red scarf
  • A can of food of ROYAL CANIN Veterinary diet as a treat after the procedure
  • A bag of food offered by ROYAL CANIN Veterinary diet
  • Thank you very much to the participants and their owners! Thanks to Deana Fratino and Amanda Scholefield Animal health technicians, representatives of the Canadian Animal Blood Bank in Quebec, Barbara Alfaro-Padron graduating student in Animal health and Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic employee and Carole-Anne Girouard from ROYAL CANIN for the donation of food. See you next year! Caroline Senay dvm