Just like humans, an annual visit to the vet is usually recommended to ensure the good health of your pet, but also to detect diseases at an early stage and reduce their evolution. The life expectancy of a dog and a cat is considerably shorter than in humans. Omitting the annual examination of your companion would be the equivalent of delaying your own annual visit to your family doctor by about 7 years! Fees for veterinary consultation include the general physical examination of your pet. Whether it is for a medical examination with or without vaccinations or for a consultation to discuss a specific health problem, our veterinarians will advise you on achieving an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment for your dog or cat.


The vaccination(s) should be done on a healthy animal. It must therefore be preceded by a general physical examination. We recommend regular vaccination(s) and customized according to the risk level and  the lifestyle of your companion. For more information about vaccination(s) for cats and dogs, see the tab “Data information”.


Just as in human medicine, preventive veterinary medicine is one of our concerns as a health professional. Aspects of preventive medicine helps to keep your pet healthy for several years.  Just as the prevention against heartworm disease, very important for all dogs that go outside. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, can cause serious heart problems that can lead to the death of your pet.  Also prevention of infectious or parasitic diseases mainly affecting animals and can be transmitted to humans (zoonoses). We only have to think of the rabies vaccination  and the prevention of parasites on the skin and in the intestines. Prevention includes early detection of diseases that could afflict your pet. Life expectancy of your pet is much lower than the human, therfore the aspect of veterinary medicine becomes more important. We recommend an annual blood profile for geriatric cats and dogs 6 years and over in order to diagnose early disease due to aging, kidney failure, liver or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia and many others. Do not hesitate to come and meet our veterinarians and technicians so  they  can answer all your questions about the well-being of your pet. For more information on these topics, see “Data information.”


Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic offers a service called elective surgery (sterilization for dogs and cats), orthopedic and some soft tissue surgeries . For all surgical procedures requiring specialized expertise, our clients are referred to a specialist at a veterinary center.

  • All our patients undergo a basic blood test or more elaborate blood tests depending on their age.
  • The anesthetic protocol is adapted according to the age, condition of the patient and the nature of the procedure.
  • During the surgical procedure, our patients are placed on intravenous fluids to maintain a good blood pressure and to allow venous access in an emergency.
  • Anesthesia monitoring is one of our priorities. Monitoring done by our technician (nes) together with the veterinarian is maximized by the use of acurate anesthesia monitoring devices. Thanks to Hotdog ® body warmer, we can fight effectively against hypothermia: this greatly improves the patient’s comfort, reduces anesthetic complications and accelerates the wake up periode.
  • We also use a protocol of pre-and post-surgical pain control.

During the general physical examination of your pet, the vet also conducts a dental exam. It is therefore not uncommon to detect bad breath associated with a buildup of plaque, tartar and gingivitis. This problem called periodontitis, is secondary to a lack of dental hygiene and is unfortunately very common in veterinary medicine. Just like humans, bacteria embedded under the tartar, damages the surrounding structures of the tooth. Loosening of teeth, tooth loss and pain will follow. Bacteria can also cause health problems and lower life expectancy. A general physical examination followed by an annual dentistry, as well as daily oral hygiene done at home  preserves an optimal oral health and improves the quality of life for your companion.
The dental procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Fear of anesthesia, wrongly forces many clients to refuse a dental procedure. When performed according to the rules with proper monitoring and a anesthetic protocol customized for each patient, anesthetic accidents are significantly reduced. Closing an eye on your pet’s dental condition, can impact  negative health problems on your pet.

  • Before any dental procedure, a consultation with your veterinarian and a complete physical examination is required.
  • A pre-anesthetic bloodwork is recommended for all patients.
  • All patients receive intravenous fluids during the procedure to maintain good blood pressure and to allow venous access in an emergency.
  • Cleaning and polishing of teeth as well as anesthetic monitoring is performed by our animal health technicians under veterinary supervision.
  • This procedure is followed by an additional dental examination under anesthesia by the veterinarian.
  • Radiographic evaluation of the teeth is part of the next step. In fact,  veterinary dentistry has made huge advances in recent years with dental x-rays, which will soon be part of the minimum standards for practicing veterinary medicine on small animals. With dental x-rays, it is common to identify several dental abnormalities responsible for pain. This pain goes unnoticed by the owners, since dogs or cats exhibiting chronic dental pain will continue to eat anyway. Abscesses, root damage, injuries and fractures are some examples of problems that can be detected with a dental x-ray.
  • To minimize anesthetic time, the Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a digital dental radiology system enabling rapid access to dental images. This technology also allows us to improve the diagnosis of dental injuries.
  • If, after the evaluation of the x-rays, your pet must undergo dental extractions, the veterinarian performs the extraction(s), adding injectable painkillers or local anesthesia becomes necessary. If necessary, painkillers and / or antibiotics will be prescribed for your pet’s return home.
  • As humans, only teeth cleaning at the dentist is not enough to maintain good oral health. Our  animal health technicians will therefore be pleased to discuss with you a dental hygiene program suitable for you and your companion that you can do at home.
Digital X-Ray : The Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic is also equipped with a digital x-ray system allowing us to have access to high quality images in a short time, minimizing stress on your pet. Radiology is a medical imaging technique widely used in veterinary medicine and has been for decades. X-rays are used to diagnose several abnormalities in the thorax, abdomen and the skeletal system. The use of contrast  maximizes diagnostic success. Like any other diagnostic test, radiology remains a complementary tool.
Ultrasound : This diagnostic tool allows the examination of internal body structures. This technique does not require general anesthesia, but sedation  is often necessary. The ultrasound procedure is painless, safe and with no side effects for the patient. At the Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic, we perform tests to mainly evaluate the internal abdominal structures (liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, bladder and reproductive organs). Ultrasound can diagnose several abnormalities such as foreign bodies, bladder stones, tumors, and cysts. It also allows removal of tissue by fine needle aspiration guided by ultrasound probe with (cytology, biopsy). The radiology and ultrasound are both diagnostic methods that complete each other. Using one technique does not necessarily prevent the use of the other.

Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer its customers a full service laboratory that can perform most diagnostic laboratory tests, and in a short time: Blood tests, biochemical tests, urinalysis, measurement of thyroid hormones, bile acid, phenobarbital, heartworm, feline leukemia (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and certain diseases such as tick-borne Lyme disease. The microscope allows us to perform analyzes of stool (coprology), urinalysis, ears and skin cytology. Access to all on-site testing allows for a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan, thus improving the health of your pet faster.


Our clinic offers a cardiology consultation service. A specialist in cardiology will move to our premises to evaluate your pet. Visits must be planned in advance, and your pet must be left for part of the day. In some cases, the cardiologist may travel in an emergency. The specialist conducts an exam including a cardiac ultrasound and other complementary tests if required. He then produces a detailed report with a treatment plan. Clinique Vétérinaire Vaudreuil then takes care of treatment and follow-up of your animal.


The clinic has extensive veterinary pharmaceuticals including medications most commonly prescribed of nutraceuticals such as glucosamine and basic care products such as shampoos and ear cleaners. The renewal of the medication for your pet is done according to the  recommendation given by the attending veterinarian. For any new prescriptions, a consultation is required with a veterinarian including a general physical examination. For any animal that is not a patient at our clinic and wishes to obtain medication, a written prescription or faxed from their attending veterinarian is required. In the event that we do not possess the required medication for your pet, your veterinarian can refer you to another facility in the region or at a human pharmacy. If you have any questions regarding the use of a particular drug, do not hesitate to contact us.


We have the pleasure to offer at the clinic the services of an educator and specialist in  canine behavior. Nadine Caron has many years of experience and has studied under Jacinthe Bouchard trainer and specialist in animal behavior. Nadine’s phylosopy being ”Because it should be enjoyable to own  a dog”. She will be able to give you the necessary tools and advice so that you work with your dog yourselves. The basics of her advice relies on the principal of positive reinforcement and having a confident relationship with your pet. It is possible to meet with Nadine by appointment at the clinic by contacting the Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic.


Veterinarians and  animal health technicians are the only people in the veterinary field to receive a university and / or college degree in nutrition. In addition, our technicians regularly receive training and updates from reputable food companies on new diets and nutrition. Our technical staff will therefore be pleased to advise you in the choice of a proper diet according to the health status and needs of your pet.


We all know that excessive or abnormal accumulation of body fat in humans can harm our health and therefore reduce our life expectancy. Well it is the same for our four-legged friends. Diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, hypertension and skin problems are just a few examples of diseases that can threaten your obese pet. Besides veterinary costs associated with diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. If your pet is overweight or obese, the best gift you can give him is to make him lose weight. His years with you will only be maximized! Using nutritional software and specialized food , our technicians (nes)  will be able to build you a weight management program for your pet. Counting calories is not enough. Management program with regular weight monitoring  is the solution!


A priority for us was to create a peaceful and comfortable room for our guests to say a final goodbye to their beloved companion.. This room also allows you to visit your hospitalized animal in comfort and tranquility.


We offer a boarding service for your cat  whether short term or for a longer period of time.  However, the base vaccine of your pet must be current. A topical (on the skin) treatment against fleas is also given upon admission.


To identify a lost pet, the presence of a microchip inserted under the skin can be a great help. The clinic has the equipment required to identify a microchip and the identification number. It is a universal means of identification, and facilitates tracing  the owner of the lost pet in question. This method of identification for your animal is also required by several countries for travel. . Costs include, the purchase of the chip as well as its insertion subcutaneously (under the skin) which is done by the veterinarian or the technician.


All those who have had many cats and dogs in their lives will tell you that an animal requires a lot of maintenance! In addition to the annual vaccinations, prevention against fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, prevention against heart worms, etc.. We must also think of the basic care that allows your pet to remain comfortable and well, such as grooming and dental hygiene. At the Vaudreuil Veterinary Clinic, nail trims, emptying anal glands,  ear cleaning and tooth brushing demonstrations are procedures performed by our technician (nes). They can be made after a consultation with the vet, or you can simply make an appointment directly with our technician (nes).


In collaboration with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB) located at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Clinique Vétérinaire Vaudreuil holds a blood donor clinic once a year. In 48 to 72 hours, we collect blood in our premises to be used by veterinary establishments across Canada. A bag of blood can save up to 4 dogs! Check our website and Facebook page regularly for the date of the next blood donor clinic. Your dog could become a hero!


With ” My Vet Store”  last minute shopping to buy food or refill prescriptions for your pet is made easy.  This new service is unique in Quebec and exclusive to members of the Veterinary Medical Association of Quebec, you can order online 24 hours a day, food, shampoos and other products available on line , as well as renew prescriptions for your pet. You can pick up the products purchased on line at the clinic, or have them delivered to you at home. Through a unique and secure access code, online payment is safely made by credit card. For more information, do not hesitate to speak with our technician in charge. To access “My Vet Store”, click on the tab available in the main menu.


For our clients that are in the impossibility to come to the clinic or want to avoid the stress of traveling in the car with their pet, the clinic offers the service of house calls by appointment.  The fees include a house call fee plus the fee for a consultation which includes a complete physical exam.


To take an appointment, no need to wait for the opening of the clinic anymore! Under the Appointment tab of the main menu, complete and submit the form by a simple “clic” to our Clinic. We will make sure to communicate with you as quickly as possible to schedule your pet’s appointment!