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Blood Work

Our clinic offers comprehensive laboratory services: biochemistry analysis (blood and urine), a laboratory centrifuge and microscope (for stool, ear cytology and skin analysis). Our animal health technicians can quickly carry out almost any diagnostic analysis request.

Why are blood tests necessary? What do they do?

A complete veterinary examination requires blood work, since blood tests will give the veterinarian information about your animal’s health condition. Blood analysis allows us to detect possible diseases related to internal organs or hormones. If a health problem has already been detected and your pet is being treated, the results of the blood work will help us provide adequate follow-up care. Blood tests are also important before surgery and anaesthesia. Your veterinarian will be able to make sure there aren’t contraindications and verify your pet’s overall health.

How long will I have to wait for the results?

Wait time varies depending on the kind of test carried out, but since our laboratory is on-site we usually have the results very quickly. Our veterinary team will just need some time to interpret the results, based on your animal’s age, breed, sex, lifestyle, medical history and symptoms.

More specialized tests may need to be sent to an external laboratory, in which case the wait time will be slightly longer.

How often should my pet have blood tests done?

We recommend annual blood work for dogs and cats over six years old. This way our vet team can keep tabs on your pet’s health and detect diseases that can surface as your pet ages, such as kidney, liver and thyroid failure, anemia and diabetes.

Depending on your pet’s health, your veterinary might recommend more frequent testing to assess, for example, how well a specific treatment is working.


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