Vaccination for Cats and Kittens

Cats need to be vaccinated regularly, starting when they are kittens. This helps their immune system fight off contagious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Pets need to be in good health in order to receive a vaccine. A veterinary examination therefore precedes vaccination.

What does FVRCP stand for?

The core vaccine FVRCP protects your pet against three diseases:

FVR – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis: a contagious viral disease.
C – Calicivirus: a virus that causes fever, pneumonia and oral ulcers.
P – Panleukopenia: a disease that affects the upper respiratory tract.

Does my cat only need core vaccines?

Other vaccines such as for rabies or feline leukemia are also recommended, depending on your pet’s lifestyle. Our veterinary team takes different factors into account to determine what the best amount of protection is for your animal, including whether your pet lives with other cats, whether the cat goes outside or is boarded at kennels, their age, health condition, amount of outdoor time, etc.

How often does my cat need to be vaccinated?

Kittens should get their first round of shots around eight weeks of age, followed by boosters until around sixteen weeks of age. After that, your pet will need booster shots annually, or according to the vaccine schedule your veterinarian establishes.

I forgot to bring my cat in for their booster shot. What now?

Since vaccines offer protection for a set period of time, if your pet misses a booster shot, the immune system weakens and your pet is more likely to catch an illness. You should make an appointment as soon as possible to get the best possible protection.

Can my cat have a serious allergic reaction to a vaccine?

Most cats do not experience serious side effects after vaccination. Severe allergic reactions such as swelling, hives or difficulty breathing are rare. You will more likely notice that your pet is more lethargic than usual, less hungry or that the injection site seems somewhat sensitive.

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